The Primortus Chronicles

Authors J.L. Bond and Val Richards announce the final book in the Trilogy PLAGUED PRIMORTUS, releasing in the Winter of 2018!


Book 1

It has begun!

Fourteen-year-old Skylee Porter receives two mysterious gifts, opening the portal to her magical powers. Armed with control over the Elements she is sent her on a dangerous journey across New Zealand. With the help of her stepsister, Chrism, her best friend, Will, and his cousin Airon, she must battle dark forces and fulfill her destiny to protect the Earth.

Book 2

It begins again!

Skylee Porter thinks the worst is over. She has faced her greatest fear, the monstrous black-eyed Brinfrost and survived, with the help of her shape-shifting sister. Sky even had the courage to finally admit her true feelings for Will. But now she learns their love is forbidden and her nemesis has returned…with a vengeance. How will she ever defeat him if the Council perform the hollowing on her beloved magical book the Humusara?

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Book 3

It draws to an end!

Follow the Second Born, a fifteen-year-old girl named Skylee Porter, as she faces the terrifying virus and the evil forces that brought it down upon her world. While the plague rages, Skylee and her sister, Chrism, form a bond to defeat the enemy threatening Frogwhistles School. In the midst of the Dark War, can Sky and Will’s forbidden love survive? How will they and Chrism overcome the betrayal of Airon? Heart-wrenching choices must be made to right the wrongs of the past.

With the help of her squad, a Shifter, a Seer, and a Reaper, Skylee finally learns the truth about the Prophecy and why she alone must vanquish Brinfrost before he destroys them all. But does the Second Born have the strength to fulfill her destiny?

The Eleventh Elementum is missing. The Magical Humusara is cautioning. The Crystal Plague is looming. Things are about to get deeper…darker…deadlier!

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What are people saying about 

 The Primortus Chronicles?

5 stars!

“I love it when a book makes me gasp or laugh out loud,and this one did both.”

“It will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to turn the next page!” 

“I  highly recommend it to anyone who loves Harry Potter or Hunger Games.” 

“This was a fantastic addition to what is rapidly becoming my new go-to series for the genre. It’s a must read for fantasy & dystopian lovers alike.

“A new take on a dystopian novel! Great story start to finish!

“Wow. I just finished Hollowed Humusara, the second book in the young adult Primortus Chronicles. I really enjoyed this adventure, and I hope it takes off like “The Lightening Thief” or “Graceling.” It really deserves a Harry Potter-level of attention though.”



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