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Awesome Review for Plagued Primortus

On Amazon-$7.99 Ebook– $19.99 Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Big Book Big Finish
January 19, 2019
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
I particularly like reading series stories and this final book in the Primortus Chronicles is the best of the three! First, I was surprised at what a big book it is, but like that the book includes enough detail and description to draw you into the action. Next, I recognized the plot drew on issues “plaguing” society today, yet put a youthfully fanciful twist to it. And finally, my favorite part was the discussion on choices, consequences, and suffering (you’ll have to figure out for yourself just which discussion that is)! Yes, it is fantasy–but there is certainly an underlying message worth discovering. PS: Attention getting cover!

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Shh…a few secrets about writing a trilogy!

Writers usually don’t like to give away trade secrets, but just this once Val and J.L. have agreed to tell us a few little known facts about what happened during the creation of THE PRIMORTUS CHRONICLES!

  1. One of the major characters was supposed to die at the end but was saved by a BETA READER, who pleaded for the authors to spare their favorite! Unfortunately, that meant somebody else had to go!!
  2. The main character’s name Skylee Porter started out with a different spelling–Skyleigh. It was changed to give her a connection to her father’s name Lee.
  3. The story is set in New Zealand for several reasons…first and foremost, it’s a beautiful country, but also because both authors love The Lord of the Rings, where the movies were filmed. Which also explains the obsession Skylee’s stepsister, Chrism, has with the LOTR’s books and movies.
  4. The authors came very close to writing a series of story books for much younger readers–but instead ended up with 3 epic fantasy length books and nearly 1800 pages!!
  5. The 3 types of Helpmates called Shifters, Reapers, and Seers almost didn’t make it into the story. They were added during the final edits of Eleventh Elementum-Book 1.

So there you have it, a few things the authors kept under wraps until now. They say confession is good for the soul, so stay tuned there may be more where this came from….or not.

J.L. Bond and Val Richards
Co-Authors of The Primortus Chronicles

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Hollowed Humusara-New Edition

As the final book of The Primortus Chronicles, PLAGUED PRIMORTUS, nears publication, it’s the perfect time to read  an excerpt from book 2. 

Skylee suddenly sensed the weight of her amulet against her skin. It felt neither hot nor cold. Yet her desire to read her Humusara was stronger than ever. Perhaps it could answer her questions. She pulled the book from her backpack, removed her necklace and placed the amulet inside the diamond-shaped carving in the cover. As usual, it began its miraculous transformation, going from a new-looking journal to a wornand weathered volume of ancient writings.

I never get tired of seeing that, thought Skylee, grinning down at her Humusara as she opened it. Instantly, words begin to shimmer across the page. She glanced up totell Will, but he and Airon seemed enthralled in conversation. Turning around in her seat, she looked at Chrism, who had moved to the back of the glider, and was in her own world with loud music blasting from her E-buds. I’ll tell them later. She peered down atthe aged pages and read.





Hmm, I don’t like the sound of that…toxic haze. She frowned, remembering her trip to the Maori Village where Ashley had used some kind of gaseous concoction on her mom. And he might have succeeded in kidnapping her if Skylee hadn’t stopped him by using the tree’s roots and limbs. Wait a minute, she thought as the words came together in her mind. Ashley Hayes…Haze…that can’t be his real name. The book’s pages fluttered, bringing her eyes back to the paper as itfell open to a new spot. Oh goody, she thought, rolling her eyes, more riddles.





My heart consumed by flames…really? Skylee covered her eyes for a moment and then peeked through her fingers to look down at the shimmering words again. Nine will gather one to test, she reread, dropping her hand as her eyebrows shot up. Nine who, or what? Oh brother, how am I supposed to know what that means?

Skylee glanced at Ann, who still seemed engrossed with something on her V-phone. Of course, she knew Will’s mom had a point about making sure her powers weren’t seen. But it kind of hurt her feelings that she hadn’t even seemed grateful that she’d saved her son from becoming a crispy critter. Skylee exhaled loudly.

“Sky,” Will said looking at herover his shoulder. “You okay?”

Every head in the glider turned inher direction. Oh, hey guys, my Humusara just told me my heart’s gonna burst into flames at any moment, she imagined herself saying. Psssh—nevermind! Shegazed up at them and said, “Yep, I’m good.”

“Well, my neck hurts like heck,” Chrism said in a scratchy voice. “And thanks for asking.”

Airon immediately moved back to sit next to her sister. He took Chrism’s hand and spoke to her in soft tones. How does she do that? Skylee wondered,shaking her head. In any case, she was glad the focus was on Chrism so shecould get back to her Humusara. Looking down, she watched the shimmering wordsfrom her last riddle replaced with new ones.

“Wow, guess you’re feeling chatty today,” she whispered to her book.






“Ugh,” Skylee sighed, pulling her Humusara to her chest and hugging it tightly. Why riddles? I mean really, what’s wrong with plain English, like—Watch out! Brinfrost ahead, turnback! Now that would be more useful. But at the moment all she had was more questions, and chief among them was why the Arcamentum had guided her to Brinfrost.

Get the New Edition in Paperback!
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Plagued Primortus Coming Soon…

Book three of the Primortus Chronicles draws the story to a thrilling conclusion. Don’t miss it!

horror crime death psychopath
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Follow the Second Born, a girl named Skylee Porter, as she faces a terrifying virus and the dark forces that brought it down upon our world. While the Crystal Plague rages, Skylee and her sister, Chrism, form a bond to defeat the enemy threatening Frogwhistles School. Only a few realize the fate of the world hinges on these two young sisters preventing the end of humankind.

How can Sky and Will’s forbidden love survive as they head into an epic battle with Brinfrost? Heartwrenching choices must be made to right the wrongs of the past. With the help of her squad, a Shifter, a Seer, and a Reaper, Skylee finally learns the truth about her family and why she alone must fulfill her destiny to vanquish Brinfrost before he destroys them all.

Coming to Amazon soon…The final book of the Trilogy, PLAGUED PRIMORTUS.

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Bringing Books to Life (Part 2)

Happy 4th of July!


This is the perfect day to tell you about our RED, WHITE, AND BLUE party, in which we brought a setting from THE PRIMORTUS CHRONICLES to life.

Read on and celebrate “New Washington”…a futuristic city in our books.IMG_5626

Start the day off with a patriotic breakfast. It’s YUMMY and EASY!


Here’s a link to the recipe.

Red, White, and Blue Toast Recipe

Then take in a Futuristic or Patriotic Movie…maybe both!



Check out this list of…10 Futuristic Movies

Or these…Patriotic Movies

Why not treat yourself to POPCORN for lunch?


In the afternoon take a break and READ a good book at your favorite spot. We know of a great series called..ahem, The Primortus Chronicles.

Grab Book One Here

Sorry about the shameless plug.


Have some RED WHITE AND BLUE punch. In the photo below, see the glass bottles ready for our drinks?


Well, someone (HE who shall not be named) drank all the blue Gatorade so we just had pink punch instead.  Yeah, everything can’t go right. Anyway here is the recipe we almost used…

Patriotic Punch Recipe

For Dinner have a good old-fashioned COOKOUT with Cheeseburgers and Fresh Veggies.

Then roast marshmallows for S’MORES!


Top it all off with SPARKLERS.


Interested in learning more about New Washington?


New Washington, formerly Washington D.C. was no longer the U.S. capital. The most powerful city in the world had been reduced to rubble on The Day of Disaster. Nearly all of its citizens had moved south, fleeing the brutally cold weather brought on by the volcanic ash known as the “Death Haze.” There were only a handful of people, survivalist types, who had stayed on, living below ground in the damaged tunnels of the Metro subway system.

It had taken four years for the politicians to get their heads together and decide on a new capital in Houston, Texas. So Washington D.C. sat in ruins, like a frozen wasteland.

Around the world, every nation had endured destruction and great loss of life. Those who survived now measured their lives by before or after The Day of Disaster, now more commonly known as The Day.

Over time, ever so slowly, the skies began to clear and it grew warmer. Naturally there had been a groundswell of support to rebuild the capital on its original site. However, after months of political debating and negotiating, a different plan was set in motion.

The capital would remain in Houston, and an SGR (special governmental region) would be set up in Washington. A region devoted to the prevention of global disasters, where experts from around the globe could come together. It would be filled with scientists, engineers, civil servants and environmentalists.

When the reconstruction began, most of the buildings and monuments were found damaged beyond repair. It took three years to rebuild the White House, which was then opened to the public as a research library and museum. But the most impressive structure erected in New Washington was “The Day of Disaster Memorial.”

The entire site consisted of three parts: the Global Recovery Fountain, the Survivors Memorial Park, and the Hall of Remembrance. The Hall was a gigantic crescent shaped building on the bank of the Potomac River. A plaque at the entrance read…

Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.”

President Theodore Roosevelt

Upon entering the building the visitors were greeted by a massive glass wall, which overlooked the Globe Fountain. A holographic photo gallery depicting the earth from space, before and after the catastrophe, lined the interior wall. The far ends of the hall contained event rooms.

Inside one of those darkened rooms lay a neatly wrapped package, waiting to unleash its contents. Securely tucked within were two gifts that were not what they seemed. Their true worth and how deeply they were tied to The Day was yet to be revealed. After years in silence their time had arrived.

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Blog Hopping…Epic!

 Elisabeth Wheatley Blog

To celebrate the re-release of The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley, Inkspelled Faery is hosting ten days of visiting your favorite authors as they talk about their very first novels, topped off by an all-day Facebook party with fun, games, and giveaways. Check out the full line up of authors and don’t forget to join the Facebook party on the 25th!

ebook cover

It has begun! Fourteen years after a catastrophic disaster, the world has regained its balance with the help of the Primortus. They have secretly walked amongst us since the beginning of time, protecting the earth with the power of the elements. When a fourteen-year-old girl is given two mysterious gifts from a father she never knew, she is drawn into their dangerous world of magic. She must learn to wield the power of the Eleventh Elementum to survive. With the help of Will (her best friend), his cousin and her new stepsister, she seeks out the evil that threatens New Zealand. But a black-eyed stranger is watching their every move. Now, two powerful beings will battle one another and the outcome will determine our way of life.

Read Eleventh Elementum Now!

A few questions from Elisabeth about our debut novel…

To start us off, can you sum up your first novel in a tweet, 140 characters or less?

Why of course…

Where the future and Middle Earth collide, a YA fiction called Eleventh Elementum.   A must read for those who like ‪#TheHobbit ‪#HungerGames

What are you most proud of in this title?

J.L.: I love the fact that our complete title, ELEVENTH ELEMENTUM-THE PRIMORTUS CHRONICLES BOOK ONE,  is “one of a kind.” We accomplished that by making up a couple of words… Elementum: An ancient magical amulet and Primortus: Supernatural Beings tasked with protecting the earth.

Val: We really like the idea of no other book titles coming up when a reader searches for our book.

Do you think your writing has changed since your debut? In what way?

Val: Duh!

JL: I certainly hope so! (laughter) I’m not saying our first book is bad– it’s a great story. I just mean that we have learned so much.

Val: Yes we have. Now, in what way?

JL: I’d say we have a better understanding of the writing process. I think we’ve both improved our grammar skills!

Val: And by the time we were through with our second book, we found that we didn’t have to do as many rewrites and edits.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you were writing your first book, what would it be?

Val: Don’t get too attached to your own words.

JL: Be realistic and be patient with yourself! Writing is a marathon not a sprint. You can’t write a book overnight.

Most incriminating thing you researched for this novel?

Val: Torture techniques-imagine my surprise when all sorts of images came up on my computer screen. Man, did I learn A LOT!!

JL: I was worried that homeland security might come a knockin’ on our doors.

Anything you would do different if you could do it over again?

JL: I would fly Val and myself to New Zealand so we could be inspired by the setting of our book. I am fantasy writer…so I can dream that that might have been possible.

Val: Here Here, I’m a big fan of dreaming!!!!

If you thought this was fun, drop by the Facebook party going down on the 25th for more interviews with your favorite Fantasy authors as well as games and goodies galore!


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Which Primortus Being Are You?


Picture for Quiz 1

By J.L. Bond and Val Richards

 Take the Quiz

What word best describes you?

A. Protector

B. Chameleon

C. Communicator

D. Visionary


When going on a quest, you always take along…

A. Your Favorite Necklace

B. A Pocketful of Banquet Bars

C. Your Fluffy Pillow

D. A Box of Tissues


Which song is the soundtrack of your life?

A. Heroes by Alesso

B. Animals by Maroon 5

C. Ghost by Ella Henderson

D. Blank Space by Taylor Swift


Your favorite Fantasy World is…

A. Middle Earth

B. Narnia

C. Underworld

D. Wonderland


If someone attacked you, how would you defend yourself?

A. Freeze them in a block of ice

B. Bite off their fingers

C. Magically disappear



If you were only allowed one type of food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

A. Vegetables

B. Tofu…NOT! Pass the steak and make it RARE!

C. Dairy…hey, milk keeps babies alive.

D. High-Tech Food Alternatives…you’re always looking to the future.


Who is your Favorite super hero?

A. The Green Lantern

B. Wolverine

C. Ghost Rider

D. Cyclops


If your boyfriend/girlfriend disappeared, what would you do?

A. Move heaven and earth to find them.

B. Whatever. There are other fish in the sea.

C. Put my mind to it and poof I’m with him/her

D. When did I get a girlfriend/boyfriend?


A major catastrophe just happened and help is needed. Ready to sign up?

A. Of course, need you even ask?

B. Why not? It might be fun.

C. I guess, but don’t count on me sticking around too long.

D. Major Catastrophe? Run!


You’re guilty of which of these bad habits?

A. Blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong

B. Eating junk food

C. Oversleeping

D. Running away


Which book would you choose for a little light reading?

A. The Giver by Lois Lowry

B. Animal Farm by George Orwell

C. Gone by Michael Grant

D. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky



Mostly A’s are Primortus – Always in tune with nature, you are thoughtful to a fault. You’re a powerful being with healing ability and you’re constantly thinking of others. With you power over air, earth, fire, or water, nothing can keep you from protecting life. As a born leader, you know what’s right and what’s wrong. And you’re always ready to lead the fight. Warning, you’d best keep your feelings in check or all Hades will break loose.


Mostly B’s are Shifters (Corporus) – You’re in touch with your inner beast. Out of all of the beings, you are the most versatile. With your heightened senses, you’re the one everyone wants on their team when facing down the enemy. You are always ready to defend but have a playful side as well. Whether you’re soaring through the air or galloping across the countryside you feel at home. But watch out, with all your wonderfulness, you’re prone to act without thinking. So don’t forgot to rein it in now and then.


Mostly C’s are Reapers (Spiritus) – You are an extremely spiritual being, a dreamer with secrets. But living a secretive life can take its toll on you. Carrying all of those messages around in your head is a heavy burden. Sometimes you find yourself feeling manipulated and used. Just don’t let it bring you down. You can still pop in and out whenever you feel like it. You have some pretty powerful connections. Oh, but remember, stay in the clutches of your otherworldly friends too long and you may never come back.


Mostly D’s are Seers (Animus) – You’re a rare individual, who always seems to know what is on the horizon. Frequently misunderstood, your intelligence is sometimes perceived as “crazy”. You are emotional and sensitive. Unfortunately, you’re often the carrier of bad news, so you try hiding from your troubles. You struggle with confidence and always compare yourself to others. Through you’re not great in a battle, you are stronger and more courageous than others realize.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you are!

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Eleventh Elementum Excerpt


Skylee crept into the room, carefully avoiding the open suitcases, shoeboxes and clothing scattered on the floor. Dressing for the wedding had created quite a mess. She had wanted to clean it up, but her almost stepsister insisted that her father had hired people to do such things.

As she approached the package, her pulse raced. Skylee normally opened a present slowly and carefully like a doctor performing surgery, but her excitement made her eagerly tear through the wrapping.

Inside, cushioned on a bed of crumpled paper, was a brown leather book bound with four gold rings. A diamond shape was carved into the front cover. She held the book close to her heart realizing that it could be her father’s journal, a look into his soul. Turning it over, she examined it more closely and tried to imagine him holding it in his hands. Despite her feeling of excitement, a deep sadness washed over her.

Skylee reached up and pushed back the heavy curtains, flooding the room with sunlight. As she opened the book, a musty odor filled the room even though the cover looked new. She thumbed through the crisp white pages to find page after page of strange hand written lettering, which appeared to be an ancient language. Skylee squinted at the lettering and tried to make out the words.

Holding the book closer to her face, she decided it was a language she had never seen before. Her heart sank in disappointment. It wasn’t her father’s journal. Why…she wondered…why did my dad want me to have a book that I can’t read?