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Top Ten Reasons to Read More Often

A pic of a reading man


#10.  Reading makes you smarter. Yes it’s true, avid readers have higher GPA’s!

#9.  Cheer up with a good book.  Reading activates your frontal lobe. Studies show it lights up the area of your brain that improves mood. With a few exceptions…”The Road” for example.

#8.  Escape! Jumping into the pages of great book can take you to faraway lands and exotic locations.

#7.  Improved Vocabulary. Reading not only increases your language skills it improves spelling.

#6.  Be the of the Life of the Party. A good book gives you something to talk about.

#5.  Save Money. Think about it…movies cost $10-$12…
e-books are cheap. Where else can you get hours of entertainment for a few bucks?

#4.  Relieve Stress. Go on, turn off that TV, open a book and you’ll see.

#3.  Make good choices. Improved decision making is another well know benefit of being well read.

#2.  Develop you Imagination. Shiny Vampires, Lightning Bolt Birthmarks, and Hairy Hobbit Feet…need I say more.

#1.  Good Readers make Great Writers.