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Making Fictional Luck-E-Choc Candy


It’s fiction..tastes too good to be true.  When Charlie unwrapped that Wonka Bar or Harry took the first bite of a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean we all knew they weren’t real.  But that didn’t stop us from wishing we could taste the “make believe” confections .  Wishes do come true.  Now you have those goodies that sprung from the pages of your favorite book.  The once fictional products can be found in stores or on-line.  So go on, try a chocolate frog, Wonka Bar or if you’re feeling really adventurous a vomit flavored jelly bean.  On second thought, why not follow our special recipe and make some Luck-E-Chocs?  In Eleventh Elementum the rich dark chocolate with a creamy mint-flavored center is Skylee Porter’s favorite candy.  But do they really bring her good luck?

You’ll need a 4 leafed clover candy mold.
Ingredients: Powered Sugar, Dark Chocolate Wafers, Milk, and Creme de Mint Flavoring.
You’ll also need a candy melting squeeze bottle, small candy brush and measuring cups.
Melt Chocolate in microwave. Follow directions on chocolate package.
The squeeze bottle is very helpful!
Fill mold 1/3 with melted chocolate.
Use candy brush to spread chocolate up the sides of each clover. Place in freezer until set.
3 cups of Powered Sugar. Amount of milk varies. Just add a few drops at a time, stirring between drops until it reaches a thick creamy texture.
Add 3-4 drops of Creme de Mint or to taste.
Fill chocolate in molds with creme to near top. Return to freezer for 5 minutes.
IMG_0716 IMG_0721
Once set seal the creme inside with a layer of melted chocolate and return to freezer for 5 more minutes.
Once set turn mold upside down… candies will drop out. Yummy!
The wrapped Luck-E-Chocs.  We gave to guests at our book launch party.