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Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

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The Secrets of The Humusara

The Humusara

The Humusara

Watch the crazy authors as they explain.  

The following is an excerpt from Eleventh Elementum where Skylee shares the secret of her Humusara with Will.

Skylee took the book from her backpack, placed it on the foot of the bed and they both knelt in front of it.  She quickly removed her necklace and placed it in the book’s cover.  Will’s mouth dropped open as it began to transform.

“What’s bloody happening?”

“It’s aging¸ see, here’s the strange lettering,” she said touching the page.  “But watch—wait—there—do you see it?

“No…eh…I don’t see anything, just unreadable script.”

“But you have to see it, look, don’t you see it?”  Skylee took Will’s hand and placed it on the page.

They both gasped as a brilliant light appeared.  It looked exactly like the light she’d seen the first time she placed the Elementum inside the cover.  There was no time for Skylee to explain.  Will’s body jerked, and his hand appeared to be stuck to the book.  Just as before, a blaze of silvery white light erupted and formed a dazzling column of brightness that illuminated the room.

“Don’t be afraid,” whispered Skylee, seeing his eyes widen with astonishment.

Skylee shivered as the room grew colder and colder.  She watched with tears in her eyes as Will gasped for air while the light moved up his arm to his chest.  The same orb of twinkling light she’d seen days ago on her chest was now on his heart shining through the fabric of his shirt.  Within seconds, the third column of light formed and returned to the book.

As the room warmed, Will stared down at the book.  His hand softly rested on the page as he watched the flickering light fade.  He didn’t speak, didn’t move.  Words were appearing, shimmering across the page in front of him.

Want to read more?  You’ll find the link to our book on our home page.  


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Snow Leopards…Ghosts of the Mountains


English: A snow leopard (uncia uncia).



The villagers of the Himalayans have given the snow leopard this name because they rarely see the big cats.  Why are we talking about snow leopards?  Well, for one thing, they’re amazingly beautiful and for another, they’re on the list of endangered animals.  And that’s not all.  In our book “Eleventh Elementum” our young shapeshifter changes into one of these mysterious beauties.








Blue eyes



Snow Leopard Facts


They are  carnivorous.


Mammal- 77-120 lbs (35-55 kg)


Females are about 30% smaller than males.


They are nocturnal.


They have the longest tail of any cat.


Only 3,500 to 7,000 snow leopards are left in the wild, with 600 to 700 in zoos worldwide. Exact numbers in the wild are undetermined due to their shy nature.


Their number appears to be in dramatic decline due to poaching driven by illegal trades in pelts and in body parts used for traditional Chinese medicine. Vanishing habitat and the decline of the cats’ large mammal prey are also contributing factors.

Snow Leopard Profile


The following is an excerpt from Eleventh Elementum.

The leopard dashed through the woods, leaping over snow-filled ditches and downed trees.  She let out a loud wail that filled the forest.  Chrism had nearly shifted back when Skylee held the Elementum in front of her.  It had taken almost all her strength to resist.  She growled angrily as her destiny played out in her mind.  Will I always be under her control?

Racing onward, she tried to get lost in the rush.  All of a sudden, a sharp pain jabbed at her, causing her to stumble.  Her huge paws gripped the icy ground, and she continued to run.  Stay focused, she told herself.  But there was no way to stop it.  She didn’t want to go back to human form, not after knowing what it was like to run free across the snow.  Except the pain was too great, which caused her to unwillingly drop down and crawl on her belly.

Her body shook violently.  She curled up, wrapping her tail around her face, waiting for it to finish.  Now, half human and half leopard, her ears twitched as footsteps approached.  A hand reached out to her.  She was weak and frightened and lashed out with her sharp claws to warn the intruder.

“Easy, Duchess,” said a startled voice.

Realizing it was Airon, she raised her head and glanced in his direction.  Blood trickled down his arm, staining the white snow.

“No,” she softly whimpered as she finally returned to human form. “Did I…?”  She struggled to sit up, tried to reach out to him, but stopped when she saw him hold up a hand to halt her.