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News Flash! Social Media Takes Over!!




social-mediaTen Things I Learned From My Social Media Boycott

1. Facebook…the force is STRONG with this one. The lure to check on my friends was hard to resist. In fact, I didn’t make it the entire week. By the third day I had already sneaked a peek.

2. Twitter will NOT be ignored. By the fourth day, I began to lose followers. So, I decided to at least tweet a couple of times each day, which was less than normal. By the end of the week, I had gained followers…meaning that tons of tweeting isn’t necessary.

3. Hours of browsing social websites is equal to thousands of written words. Before my little boycotting thingy, I’d noticed that time always flew by when I was clicking from one site to another. But when I was totally focused on my writing, the time seemed to slow down, making it possible to up my word count considerably .

4. Spending less time on some electronic gadget allowed me to clear my mind and think more creatively. In the world of writing, creative thinking is VERY IMPORTANT.

5. What happens in Cyberspace, stays in Cyberspace. Another words, when I returned to all the social sites I found everything that I’d ever posted, commented on, or shared right where I left them and something about that made me stop and think…so why connect multiple times a day? They’re not going anywhere.

So, there you have it. Although, I’m back to all the websites I listed in my last blog, it’s with much more balance. Stepping away from social media isn’t as easy as it sounds, but I suggest you try it. You might be surprised how much of your day is being taken up by it.

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Janir3 cover draft006-1

The Chalice of Malvron 

(Argetallam Saga #3)

Elisabeth Wheatley

Coming on 7/2/2013

We are thrilled to be part of a group of bloggers invited to reveal the cover of Elisabeth Wheatley’s newest novel. 

The Chalice of Malvron is the third book in the Argetallam Saga.

Book Blurb

A princess with no recollection of the past eight years. War on the horizon. Who to trust? Who to save?
Sixteen-year-old Janir Caersynn Argetallam wakes, sore and disoriented in the home city of her people, surrounded by relatives who seem concerned for her well-being. As she tries to recover, the Argetallams’ allies, the Stlavish, prepare to unleash a magical relic of untold power against the Argetallams’ age-old enemies, the Brevians. Janir watches silently from the sidelines until she meets a warrior elf and a strange wizard-boy who claim to know her and make her feel…confused. They claim that everything she’s been told is a lie, that her memories were stolen at the command of her father, the Lord Argetallam. As the eve of Brevia’s destruction draws closer, Janir finds herself with the power to stop the Stlavish. Conflicted and confused, she must decide whether she will allow Brevia to be conquered or if she will betray her father and destroy the relic—the Chalice of Malvron…

In celebration of this momentous event, Elisabeth is having a giveaway. 

The first place winner of the giveaway will receive a giftcard and eight other lucky folks will be winning books from awesome authors!

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Elisabeth Wheatley is a high school student home-schooled in the Texas Hill Country. When she’s not daydreaming of elves, vampires, or hot guys in armor, she is reading copious amounts of fantasy, playing with her little brothers, studying mythology, and training and showing her Jack Russell Terrier, Schnoz. 

Don’t know what a Jack Russell looks like…here you go.

three Jack Russells

  I know…Aww!




Where to find Elisabeth?

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Her facebook page:

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