About Val Richards


Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination. She lived most of her life in the rolling hills of Tennessee but decided she needed majestic oceans to fuel her inspiration. She now resides in sunny Florida where creativity abounds, and when she isn’t writing about shapeshifting beings in mystical lands, she is making fantasy signs or throwing wickedly fun themed parties.

Richards’ 2012 debut novel, ELEVENTH ELEMENTUM of The Primortus Chronicles, co-authored with J.L. Bond, is first book in the YA Adventure Trilogy. Their second novel, HOLLOWED HUMUSARA, launched in the fall of 2014. Book Three, PLAGUED PRIMORTUS released late in 2018. All three are available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.


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