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J.L. Bond and Val Richards met in college in Clarksville Tennessee, where Val excelled in Math and J.L excelled in creative ways to talk Val out of going to class. A few years later…okay, more than a few, they found themselves living about an hour away from one another in Florida and joined forces to write the Primortus Chronicles, YA fantasy- adventure series.  Nowadays, J.L. likes to remind Val that Math isn’t necessary for writing.

  1. Thanks for the blog follow, ladies 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you Val and J.L. and thanks for stopping by my blog. It must be fun writing a book with a friend. I’ll have to rope one of mine in to do the same.

    • Hello Jean,
      It’s always great to connect with fellow authors. Yes, writing together is quite the adventure…and we’ve managed to still be friends. 🙂
      Happy Writing,
      J.L. and Val

  3. Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog FictionBin recently! Very much appreciated.

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