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Who would play…

English: Actress Dakota Fanning at Twilight Sa...
English: Actress Dakota Fanning at Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently one of our readers left a comment wishing our book could be made into a movie.  That’s a dream most authors share.  Seeing our characters come to life would be amazing.  Then again, it’s kind of scary to try to put a real face on them.  But why not have some fun and come up with a few ideas…who would play our main character?

Skylee Porter: A young Taylor Swift would be perfect! But she’s a singer, not an actress, and alas she’s too old to play our fourteen (going on fifteen) year old heroine.

Fifteen (song)
Fifteen (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dakota Fanning also comes to mind.  Unfortunately, she’s also a bit too old to pull off 14.  But her younger sister, Elle Fanning would be perfect.  Of course her long blonde hair would have to be in curls.

So, we’re wondering if any other authors out there have ideas about who would play their book characters. Drop us a comment and tell us about it.




J.L. Bond is an author, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters. Contrary to popular belief, she is not related to that other J. Bond, nor is she an international woman of intrigue. She began blogging in 2005 while on a seven-month long “around the world” trip. Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination.

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