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Seven Unsung Sidekicks

We think these seven under-appreciated sidekicks deserve a little attention of their own.

7. Dr. Watson

Arthur Conan Doyle Author

Chinatown, London. Martin Freeman during filmi...

Martin Freeman as Doctor Watson

He’s the constant and loyal friend of Sherlock Holmes.  It can’t be easy to stand in the shadow of such a brilliant sleuth, especially when he keeps telling you everything’s so elementary!

6.  Piglet

A. A. Milne Author

Piglet (Winnie-the-Pooh)

The little guy might be afraid of his own shadow but that doesn’t stop him from sticking by this friend, Pooh, through some very sticky situations!

5.  Hector Zeroni “Zero”

Louis Sachar Author

Khleo Thomas Speaks With The Press

Khleo Thomas (all grown up) played Zero in the 2003 film version of Holes

He was small, silent and misunderstood but Stanley needed him more than he could’ve imagined.

4. Ron Weasley

J.K. Rowling Author

Ron Weasley

Rupert Grint plays Ron Weasley in the films 

Sure, he’s Harry Potter’s best friend and confidant but this fiery redhead is more than meets the eye.  Although his talents are rarely shown, he’s a powerful wizard, no doubt, otherwise he would never have survived.

3.  Tinker Bell

Sir James Matthew Barrie Author

English: Tinkerbell by Diarmuid Byron O'Connor...

Tinker Bell by Diarmuid Byron O’Connor

You can call her a pixie or a fairy just don’t call her Wendy!  Tink may be a little ill tempered and a lot jealous but in a pinch her pixie dust saves the day.  And Peter Pan will never find a more devoted companion.

2.  Hermione Granger

J.K. Rowling Author


Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Not only is she the brains of the operation, she time travels and she has a purse that’s bigger on the inside!  What more could Harry ask of a sidekick?

1. Samwise Gamgee

J.R.R. Tolkien Author

Sean Astin as Sam in Peter Jackson's live-acti...
Sean Astin as Sam in Peter Jackson’s live-action version of The Lord of the Rings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Who could be more deserving of the number one spot?  Yes, poor Sam nearly drowned himself so he could traipse across Middle Earth carrying the luggage, cooking, keeping watch at night, and protecting Frodo from all manner of peril.  And everyone knows the task of destroying the ring would have never come to pass without him.  So hats off to the one sidekick to rule them all.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite sidekick that we left out?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In The Primortus Chronicles Book One, Eleventh Elementum, Skylee Porter has a sidekick of her own.  Her new step sister Chrism, a shapeshifter with attitude.  Love her or hate her she’s a force to be reckoned with.  To find out more check out our Pinterest Board Who is Chrism Faraway.    



J.L. Bond is an author, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters. Contrary to popular belief, she is not related to that other J. Bond, nor is she an international woman of intrigue. She began blogging in 2005 while on a seven-month long “around the world” trip. Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination.

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