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Making Fictional Luck-E-Choc Candy


It’s fiction..tastes too good to be true.  When Charlie unwrapped that Wonka Bar or Harry took the first bite of a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean we all knew they weren’t real.  But that didn’t stop us from wishing we could taste the “make believe” confections .  Wishes do come true.  Now you have those goodies that sprung from the pages of your favorite book.  The once fictional products can be found in stores or on-line.  So go on, try a chocolate frog, Wonka Bar or if you’re feeling really adventurous a vomit flavored jelly bean.  On second thought, why not follow our special recipe and make some Luck-E-Chocs?  In Eleventh Elementum the rich dark chocolate with a creamy mint-flavored center is Skylee Porter’s favorite candy.  But do they really bring her good luck?

You’ll need a 4 leafed clover candy mold.
Ingredients: Powered Sugar, Dark Chocolate Wafers, Milk, and Creme de Mint Flavoring.
You’ll also need a candy melting squeeze bottle, small candy brush and measuring cups.
Melt Chocolate in microwave. Follow directions on chocolate package.
The squeeze bottle is very helpful!
Fill mold 1/3 with melted chocolate.
Use candy brush to spread chocolate up the sides of each clover. Place in freezer until set.
3 cups of Powered Sugar. Amount of milk varies. Just add a few drops at a time, stirring between drops until it reaches a thick creamy texture.
Add 3-4 drops of Creme de Mint or to taste.
Fill chocolate in molds with creme to near top. Return to freezer for 5 minutes.
IMG_0716 IMG_0721
Once set seal the creme inside with a layer of melted chocolate and return to freezer for 5 more minutes.
Once set turn mold upside down… candies will drop out. Yummy!
The wrapped Luck-E-Chocs.  We gave to guests at our book launch party.


J.L. Bond is an author, blogger, wife and mother of two daughters. Contrary to popular belief, she is not related to that other J. Bond, nor is she an international woman of intrigue. She began blogging in 2005 while on a seven-month long “around the world” trip. Val Richards is an author, administrative assistant, mother, teacher without a classroom, and a space traveler wanna be. Because of her busy lifestyle, Val just cannot find the time to become an astronaut. Hence, she travels to other worlds through her imagination.

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